Saturday, 6 October 2012

Steve Jobs - one of my heroes.

Besides a love of Apple, and my desperate desire to be a bit of rebel (within a conformist environment), Steve Jobs and I finally have something in common. 


It wouldn't have been my first choice.

A glittering career as an innovative world changer would have preferable but I guess you can't win 'em all. And whilst I am no slouch in the fundraising area I expect Steve was slightly ahead of my game by the time he hit 40. 

But like me, and millions of others he joined the cancer club. Membership lasted 8 years and right now that seems like a lifetime. In 8 years time Rosie will be approaching 11, Zak will be at University and Ilias will be a stroppy 15 year old. It feels so much better than leaving now, or in the next three years, but I know that it is always too soon. Once you're in the cancer club every future dream, every hope, every 'next year' is tinged with a mental 'please God, let me be here'. That's the reality and I don't expect it ever goes away. 

But Steve Jobs is a hero of mine and he died a year ago. He's one of my heroes because he was an innovator, because he'd 'rather be a pirate than join the navy' and because Steve Jobs founded one of the world's most creative and amazing companies that embraced difference and challenged the usual way of doing things. So in remembering Steve Jobs I hope I embrace his spirit in my life and my work and that in doing so, we have more in common than cancer. 


  1. Wow! Your writing continues to blow my breath away. Feelings range from awe at your ability to express yourself so well through writing and of respect at your being able to share with us all what it is like living with cancer and chemo. Though living with cancer must in itself be more than challenging, through it all you continue to be a lovely wife, mother and daughter, who works, dog walks, biscuit makes and more. Take care. Mum. xxx

  2. Agree with everything Penny says above but you left out a few other things you have in common with Steve Jobs.
    Al worships you (certainly no overstatement for his feeling on Jobs!), you make life more enjoyable for everyone and I'm sure I've seen you bust out a good looking polo neck or two. Hope you know we are thinking of you and are so in awe of you and this amazing blog. See you soon, Katie xxxxxx