Monday, 1 October 2012

28th September

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

September's final chemotherapy treatment bordered on the slightly surreal with some brilliant evidence that even faceless bureaucrats can have a great sense of humour (thank you Michael).

The first odd moment came when a man sat down in one of the chairs wearing black jeans, Nike trainers, a orange stripey jumper with a leather jacket and a flat cap on backwards (ref. Ben V-P from Curiosity Killed the Cat for those of you with a passing knowledge of the 80s). He was late 30s early 40s with a shaved head, in that 'bloke' way, and in for his chemotherapy treatment too. Nothing strange about that until he got up to leave the room (having taken off, and left, his jacket and cap) and then about 10 seconds later reappeared from a different angle with the jacket and cap back on. Bearing in mind I've only just stopped convincing myself that I have a brain tumour this was a little weird. I quickly realised that this was the twin brother of the other chemo patient.

The nurses on the Chilworth Day Unit (some of who are not known for their rapier like wit) then proceeded to make the same joke about giving the wrong brother treatment about 15 times in the course of a 10 minute period. I felt that the twin who started eye-rolling and looking a bit bored was somewhat unjustified in his frustration as let's face it, if you dress the same as your grown up brother what do you expect? These were adult men making a decision to reinforce their identical twin status through clothes - deal with it!

I should also add that my slight lack of sympathy was compounded by twin A choosing some Chilworth Day Unit tunes and twin B cranking up the stereo so we could all hear Cliff  Richard blasting out. Cliff Richard! I mean Cliff Richard! I am already poorly! And then they sang along. I was at a Cliff Richard Karaoke Chemotherapy Convention and it wasn't out of choice. My response to this terrible onslaught was to email my friends at Battersea and ask for some amusing pictures or stories to distract me, one person took this a stage further and decided start an epetition at Downing Street.

Today they came back to him
The Downing Street Response - "the Silver album is a pop classic"...
Proving that whilst Civil Servants have very dodgy taste in music (Reader, I married one) they also can have a great sense of humour.

Medical news

The spots are clearing up! Yay! Yay! Yay! Double dosing on the antibiotics has had an effect, and whilst my chin is still not the smoothest place on earth (this title is claimed by Julio Ingleses sheets) it is significantly better. Most importantly I am feeling less stressed about seen in public, it hurts less and the itching has died down. All very very good.

Chemo is still leaving me with significantly less energy than normal but I am also feeling some positive benefits. My liver swelling seems to have calmed down a little and I am feeling far more comfortable. These are all positive signs.

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