Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Scan results.

Al and I saw Dr C, the oncologist, today to get my scan results after 6 months of chemo and it was good news. The tumours on my lungs have almost vanished and the ones on my liver decreased by over 50% - to the extent that surgery is now an option for the future! Dr C feels, and we agree, that it's best to wait and get rid of everything in the lungs completely and continue systemic treatment i.e going for all the tumours, rather than localising treatment at the moment. 

So the plan is to have 6 more months of hardcore chemo on the same regime as before (the spots will be back!) from late April/May, as this aggressive attacking treatment has worked so well. After that (and if I have continued responding, and if there isn't loads of growth during this break - so many ifs) then they will look at localised treatment. According to Dr C short of it all vanishing this is as good as a response as we could have hoped for. So all very very good.

My cousin Jenny said to me right at the start of this, that there is always hope. It's been hard to hang on to that thought and for the first time I am allowing myself to properly think it. Ev
en if this bout of chemo has just given me more time, I have a lot more than I did and when I look at my family that's all I want, more time. 

Anyway it's wonderful to share good news. No doubt I'll be whining and whinging about spots and stomach cramps in May but for now I am enjoying a break from chemo and some brilliant news. 


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