Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I actually have good news

Normally this blog is a bit of a rambling collection of thoughts about my journey on the cancer roller coaster.  Mainly because I have realised that once the initial flurry of tests and results are over and established, there's not a huge amount to report back. Like most aspects of life, cancer takes on a routine, it's just slightly more fraught than average...

Anyway today I have actual news.

Every two weeks I have a blood test at the St Luke's cancer centre. The primary purpose of these is to establish how my immune system is coping with the battering it's given by chemotherapy. However my liver function is also assessed as this is where my unwelcome guest is at its most dangerous.

When I first started chemotherapy there were a proliferation of enzymes in my blood that demonstrated how hard my liver was working to keep going. In one test where a normal level is 70, mine was 700 and in another it was 59 where it should be under 20. 

Please forgive me for not knowing what these special enzymes or levels of stuff are called. I just know that they are released when your liver is in a bad old way. 

So today I asked what these figures are now (after 4 sessions of chemotherapy) and it's good news. Actual good news. Yes, good news!! In fact the first good news since this hideous thing kicked off. The 700 figure has dropped to 300 and the 59 is now 17 and normal! While ultimately my chances of having surgery are determined by the size and position of the lesions on my liver, this is a positive sign. It shows that my chemotherapy is working and that this disease is being controlled.

It's blooming lovely getting good news - and actually just as lovely sharing it.

Me and Obama eh! 

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